LENRD Bass Trap


LENRD stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device. As you may know, a resonance bump in a room’s frequency response is called a room node. Now, thanks to LENRD Bass Traps, you can achieve the low frequency sound control other companies can’t give you. Bass traps substantial enough to control nodes have always been expensive to buy or intricate and time-consuming to build, but not anymore! LENRD Bass Traps are extremely effective at smoothing out low frequency room nodes at a price that anybody-and I do mean anybody-can afford.

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LENRD Bass Trap

LENRD Bass Trap

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Auralex LENRD Bass Trap

Extremely effective Bass Traps

€45.00 Ex. BTW
  • Colours : CHA, BUR, PUR
  • Size: 1' thick x 1' wide x 2' long
  • Low frequency absorption
  • Class-A Fire Rated*
  • NRC: 1.50
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