Mega LENRD Bass Trap, 2'x2'x2'


The MegaLENRD Bass Trap is a bigger version of the original best-selling Bass Trap. At twice the width (extending 2’ along each wall, not 1’ like the standard LENRD), the MegaLENRD is substantial enough to handle low-frequency problems in rooms of any size. It is the only broadband absorber effective below 50hz! Critical listening facilities rave about the results provided by MegaLENRD.

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Mega LENRD Bass Trap, 2'x2'x2'

Mega LENRD Bass Trap, 2'x2'x2'

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Auralex Mega LENRD Bass Trap, 2'x2'x2'

Biggest Bass Trap for even lower absorption

€199.00 Ex. BTW
  • Colours : CHA, BUR, PUR
  • Size: 1' thick x 1' wide x 2' long
  • Low frequency absorption
  • Class-A Fire Rated*
  • NRC: 1.50
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