ProFusor Diffusor


The award-winning Auralex ProFusor-II diffusor takes advantage of the same scientific engineering used in the Q’Fusor. A profile similar to the Q’Fusor is placed within a 24”x24” frame, and then covered with Class A fabric for decorative considerations.When used in conjunction with ProPanels™ or the ELiTE™ Custom Fabric System™, the ProFusor-II provides diffusion that enhances the accuracy of the critical listening environment. The 3” depth and decorative fabric allow it to fit nicely into many attractive custom designs for those requiring uncompromising performance and great aesthetics. Ideal for use in residential theaters, listening rooms, concert halls, recording studios, houses of worship and various other residential and commercial applications.

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ProFusor Diffusor

ProFusor Diffusor

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Auralex ProFusor Diffusor

Fabric-covered Quadratic Residue Diffusor - 47.625" x 23.625" x 3"

€199.00 Ex. BTW
  • Colours : PUM,EBY,MES,SDW,BGE
  • Size: 2' x 4' x 3"
  • Fabric-covered Quadratic Residue Diffusor
  • Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E-84*.
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