Studio6 Bass Trap


The new Studio6 Bass Trap provides best-in-class, broadband performance in a slim 6" profile. It features effective broadband control from 40 Hz and up, providing low frequency control in a 2' x 4' footprint with slim 6" profile. The Studio6 can be mounted to room walls and corners using Auralex FoamTak™ or TubeTak Pro™.

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Studio6 Bass Trap

Studio6 Bass Trap

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Auralex Studio6 Bass Trap

Low Frequency Absorption Bass Trap - 6"x24"x48"

€299.00 Ex. BTW
  • Colours : CHA
  • Effective broadband control from 40 Hz and up
  • Mounts to walls and corners
  • Stand Mountable
  • Commercial and Residential Applications
  • Low frequency control in a slim 6” profile
  • Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84
  • Complements mid-high acoustical products
  • NRC: 2.20 ! (Corner Mounted0
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