CAB 100


C for cabinet: we chose wood rather than plastic for a better resonance.
A for acoustics: these speakers will give you the right level of sound if you play an instrument (guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums, etc.), and when set up in pairs you will also have a sound system that works for any size event.
B for boomer using coaxial technology, i.e. the tweeter inside the boomer will give a very pure and linear sound from low to high notes. The sound is as close to a studio sound as you can get.
100 200
for 100 Watts RMS = CAB 100 for your instrument or smaller venues.
for 200 Watts RMS = CAB 200 for venues where you need a higher volume.

For a group, these speakers are a very economical way to set up a sound system and maintain a pure acoustic sound. A small group or ensemble - when connected as a pair to a mixing desk, the CAB 100 and the CAB 200 turn into front-of-house speakers for small venues such as cabarets, cafe´s and rehearsal rooms. A group or orchestra - angled at 45° for accurate directivity, each musician can have his or her own near-field speaker with customized settings. The CAB 100 and the CAB 200 speakers provide a perfect sound system for any event. Speakers can be used individually or in pairs to give a system which guarantees the purity of acoustic sound.

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CAB 100

CAB 100

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Prodipe CAB 100

2-Way Coaxial Powered Speaker System

€319.00 Ex. BTW
  • Delivers power, purity and quality
  • Can be used as acoustic speaker, event and monitor speaker
  • wood cabinet for better resonance
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