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Create drum machine and synth tracks. Mix vocals and acoustic guitars. Record electric guitars and finalize the mix. Volume 1 is a plug-in bundle designed to solve these and a number of other crucial music production tasks. It includes sixteen world-class plug-ins from the best brands in the industry—along with a 90 minute mix tutorial video.

Made For You
Volume 1 starts with you and your production needs. It was conceived by identifying the eleven most common situations in modern-day music production, and then adding the tools to solve those.

Mixing Vocals
• Fix tone and dynamics (Summit units)
• Add natural space (TSAR-1 Reverb)
• Dirty things up a bit (Saturation Knob)
• Wide and deep doubling (Fix Doubler)
• Characterful delay (Tube Delay)

The Best Brands
Create music using products from some of the audio world's most renowned brands: Summit Audio, Trident Audio Developments, Drawmer Electronics, Doepfer Musikelektronik and Fix Audio Designs.Mix and Record Electric Guitars

Lifelike amp sound (Vintage Amp Room)
• Tweak THE console EQ for guitar (Trident A-Range)
• Fatten things up (Fix Doubler)
• Stand out from the crowd (Fix Flanger)
• From slap back to long echo (Tube Delay)

World Class Sound
The package includes sixteen multi-award winning plug-ins—tools used by pro producers on albums from Beyoncé to Black Sabbath, from Taylor Swift to Kanye West, and from Adele to Coldplay.

Create Synth Sounds
• Start creating synth sounds (Modular)
• Use the six Doepfer modules included (Modular)

Learn From the Best
Enjoy the free use case videos on this page! But only Volume 1 users get the in-depth, over 90 minute long, pureMix tutorial video featuring Grammy nominated engineer Ryan West (Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West).

Mix bus processing
• Punch and clarity (Drawmer S73)
• Add glue to your mix (Summit Audio)
• Subtle EQ tweaks (Summit Audio)

Insane Value
The total value of the plug-ins in Volume 1 is over $2000. Get them as perpetual licenses ($499), monthly subscription ($19.99), or a prepaid twelve month subscription ($199). Up to you!

Mix Acoustic Guitars
• Gently control dynamics (Summit Audio TLA-100A)
• Add fairy dust (Summit Audio EQF-100)
• Widen your track (Fix Doubler)
• Place it in a room (TSAR-1 Reverb)

Sixteen Plug-ins Included
Summit Audio Grand Channel, Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer, Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor, TSAR-1 Reverb, TSAR-1R Reverb, FET Compressor, Modular, Trident A-Range, Vintage Amp Room, Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor, Fix Flanger and Doubler, Heartbeat, Tube Delay, Bass Amp Room and Saturation Knob.

Mix synths and keys
• Synth bass mono to stereo (Fix Doubler)
• Clarity and excitment to piano (Drawmer S73)
• Make organ sounds blend in (Fix Flanger)

Drum Machine Sounds
• Create dirty and daring drum beats (Heartbeat)
• Tweak the sounds like on an analog machine (Heartbeat)
• Use autopan and effects for even greater excitement (Heartbeat)

Bigger and Bigger
New plug-ins will be added to Volume 1 regularly. There's no upgrade cost to subscribers—just keep subscribing and watch your toolbox grow. New additions will also be offered at reasonable upgrade fees to owners of perpetual licenses.

Mixing Acoustic Drums
• Drum bus dynamics (Summit Audio TLA-100A)
• Classic EQ tweaks (Trident A-Range)
• Agressive dynamics (FET Compressor)
• That Zep tape flange (Fix Flanger)
• Add space and air (TSAR-1 Reverb)

Mix Synth Bass and Bass Guitar
• Realistic bass amp (Bass Amp Room)
• Set EQ and dynamics (Summit Audio)
• Add overtones for presence (Saturation Knob)

Word From the Pros
We let X:144—producer/mixer for Ms. Lauryn Hill and game audio specialist at Electronic Arts—try out Volume 1. He said: Volume 1 is a heavy hitter. The amount of vibe here makes it one of the most unique bundles available. The inclusion of Modular alone is insane.

Mix Electronic Drums
• Get motion and groove (FET Compressor)
• Sonic adjustments (Trident A-Range)
• Add a dark room (TSAR-1 Reverb)

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Volume 1

Volume 1

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Softube Volume 1

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