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512 GB Backing Tracks / Mixer / Workstation

Merk: M-live


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€ 1.449,00

Barcode: 806812165216

Categorieën: M-Live, Live Music Gears,

Made in Italy by M-Live DIVO is the ultimate stand-alone device for reading, storing and playing digital backing tracks. It reads Midi, Audio, Multitrack & Video files. DIVO features a brand new database of MIDI sounds specifically designed for live performance using Backing Tracks. In addition to playing Midi files flawlessly, it can be used as an Expander by connecting a USB Master Keyboard. DIVO offers uncompromising performance in terms of control and management of large music archives.For uncomplicated Live Performance, DIVO features a Digital Mixer with 2 microphone inputs, 2 line input, management of the two internal backing track channels, Click output for metronome, dedicated output for Aux Monitor and Headphone. DIVO has a very powerful multi-effect for vocals and backing tracks. It has been set up to simplify the editing and management of live effects. The audio system is topped off with a powerful 4-voice Harmonizer, a 4-band parametric EQ for each input channel, and a 10-band EQ for the Main Out.DIVO has a built-in USB Audio Interface to enable performance recording. You can connect 2 Microphones or Line Instruments and stream the audio (with effects) to your DAW - and at the same time receiving an audio stream from the computer (Loopback).DIVO can edit any parameter of backing tracks, especially Midi Files. Lyrics and Chords can be written and synchronised within the file. DIVO supports Markers that divide the song into several parts according to the musical metrics.DIVO includes over 300 Timbres, 24 Drum Kits, and hundreds of percussion instruments. The Midi generator has 240 notes of polyphony, allowing you to play either a Midi-formatted track or a track played in real time. There are over 100 PATCHES on DIVO that can be played from a Master Keyboard, even a USB keyboard and directly powered by DIVO.