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Warm Audio WA-19 Black

Dynamic Mic

Merk: Warm-audio

Code: WA19B

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€ 249,00

Barcode: 850031640405

Categorieën: Warm Audio, Microphones,

The WA-19 delivers a unique combination of dynamic mic functionality and condenser-like clarity, reviving one of the most favored studio & live dynamicsof the 1960s. Featuring a custom, hand-assembled dynamic cardioid humbucking capsule in a rugged metal design, the WA-19 blends the critical noise rejection & reduced proximity effect of a dynamic but with more clarity and richer top-end detail than most studio dynamics. The WA-19 includes a variable acoustic high-pass filter ring that cuts up to 10dB at 50 Hz, ideal for tightening up the tone and adding upper-midrange emphasis without any electronic phase shift often incurred from preamp high-pass filters.

The thin pencil-style body design of the WA-19 allows for easy mic placement in crowded studio or live performance situations where mics are on top of each other - like recording acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously, tracking a whole band, or miking a full drum kit. The dynamic humbucking coil helps the mic deliver elite off-axis rejection, especially in the bass/lower midrange with minimal noise, making it easy to grab tight snare bottom tones without aggressive kick drum bleed.  Additionally, ventilated slots on the side of the WA-19 body reduce proximity effect, eliminating boomy bass associated with placing the mic closer to louder sources.