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Warm Audio WarmLifter

DI Mic Pre

Merk: Warm-audio

Code: WAWL

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€ 199,00

Barcode: 850031640436

Categorieën: Warm Audio, Microphones,

The WA-WL Warm Lifter is an inline active microphone preamp designed for low output dynamic and ribbon mics, with added premium features for live & studio use. Offering 26dB of clean output gain, regardless of the mic that you choose, the Warm Lifter ensures optimal performance where additional gain is crucial for accurate detail and frequency response, especially when connected directly to interfaces. Most notably, the Warm Lifter has two key features including a selectable 100 Hz high-pass filter to remove unruly low end frequencies for added clarity and detail, along with a selectable 3 kHz high-shelf boost to emphasize the upper-mids and highs for clarity and detail boosted on darker mics.

The Warm Lifter houses an ultra low-noise JFET input with a fully balanced (ins/outs) signal path and operates on 48v phantom power. Unlike some inline preamps, signal boosters, and lifters, the circuit design of the Warm Lifterprotects your recording from signal loss or phase issues by ensuring there is no “mismatching” of impedance between your mic of choice and the Warm Lifter. The incredibly durable build quality adds to the total package to deliver a critical piece of audio utility gear that you will want by your side at all times.