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Warm WA 44

Ribbon Mic

Merk: Warm-audio

Code: WA44

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Barcode: 850031640399

Categorieën: Warm Audio, Microphones,

Delivering the iconic tonal experience at the center of recording and broadcast history, the WA-44 faithfully recreates the warm and vintage tones of the legendary RCA 44 ribbon mic of the 1930s.  With a boutique-quality build design, the WA-44 is manufactured with exacting quality standards to match the most prized original vintage mics.

The WA-44 pairs a full-length, 99 % aluminum, custom-crafted Japanese ribbon with a heavy, true-to-size Neodymium magnet powered by a USA-Made CineMag transformer to accurately deliver that classic ribbon tone with added durability. True to the original, the WA-44 captures powerful bass with a pronounced proximity effect, lush mids, and a tamed top end, reducing excessive high end harshness.

Like its inspiration, the WA-44 excels on loud audio sources and removes side-address noise with the tight figure-8 polar pattern. A great choice for vocal recordings that benefit from a reduction in high-end frequencies, the WA-44 is also ideal for capturing haunting horn sections, resonant acoustic instruments, sultry strings, flat drum sounds, deep piano tones, and much more. Weighing in at 3kg ! and including a Star-Quad shielded Gotham XLRcable connector and embroidered case, all of these components come together to revive a classic mic with a premium, vintage build.