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B.Beat Pro 16 PLUS

16 Channel Backing Tracks (1TB + WiFi)

Merk: M-live



€ 1.449,00

Barcode: 806812165315

Categorieën: M-Live, Live Music Gears,

Made in Italy by M-Live B.Beat Pro 16 is the perfect device to improve and simplify Live band performances - using Stereo or Multitrack audio Backing Tracks, together with Video or Images. With B.Beat Pro 16 on stage you no longer need Computers, Audio / Video Interfaces or Mixers. B.Beat Pro 16handles the Live Sequences worry-free.

B.Beat Pro 16 manages multitrack audio Backing Tracks and also plays them in sync with video or images - with 2 HDMI outputs for video and lyric prompter. With 16 outputs and 12 Inputs (for simultaneous recording of the show) appearing also as an computer audio interface, you can fine-tune DAW tracks during preparation, and after the soundcheck download everything to the B.Beat Pro 16 - and press PLAY !

B.Beat Pro 16
reads most audio formats (WAV, Mp3, OGG, AAC) and Audio Projects up to 16 + 8 Mono or 12 Stereo tracks. It reads video and images in sync with the music. It has a Digital Mixer with 16 separate outputs. It also has 12 inputs that allow multitrack recording. With 4 front panel pots the musician can independently balance headphone listening.Backing Tracks, Playlists and Shows are created & prepared with the included App (PC or Mac), and in the same App you can setup Audio outputs, Click track & more. Projects can include Music, Video, Images and Midi tracks.

B.Beat Pro 16 connects via Wi-Fi (optional M-Pen) to Smart devices for lyric reading, music scores and other cue information during live performance. It can read USB sticks for fast transfer of Mp3 Stereo Backing Tracks, with or without Click.
B.Beat Pro 16 is also available in a PLUS version with 1TB internal memory and Wi-Fi connection included. The PLUS version allows recording even when playing the internal Backing Tracks.