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Tonex One

Micro Version of Tonex pedal

Merk: Ik-multimedia


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€ 199,00

Barcode: 8025813936034

Categorieën: IK Multimedia, Interfaces and controllers, Guitar & Bass,

Ultra-compact, powerful and budget friendly, TONEX ONE makes the world's best amps and effects accessible to all performing guitar and bass players. TONEX ONE, puts IK's revolutionary AI Machine Modelingtechnology on any size pedalboard and enables users to perform with the world's most sought-after tones in more ways than ever.

plays hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs and stomps from a nearly infinite supply. It features 3 playable slots that are easily swapped on the fly with any of the 20 Tone Model presets in its active memory.

To swap any of the 20 preloaded presets, users can connect TONEX ONE to a computer via USB-C and quickly transfer new Tone Models from their local library, ToneNET (IK's Tone-sharing platform), or their own gear captured with the included TONEX software. With multiple units on a single pedalboard, the tone possibilities are truly limitless.

TONEX ONE packs the same incredible responsiveness and dynamics as the bigger TONEX Pedal, but in a mini format that saves space and travels anywhere. Presets can be fine-tuned on the fly using the onboard Volume / Gain and the 3-band EQ, then FX like noise gate, compression and stereo reverb are there to dial in the right sound at any live venue. All changes made are automatically saved without a computer and ready for the next rehearsal or gig.

TONEX ONE keeps users inspired no matter where their musical journey takes them. Store up to 20 presets from the included 200+ premium Tone Modelsor download any of the over 25,000 and growing user Tone Models from ToneNET directly to the pedal. Add more tones with IK Signature Collectionsor explore hundreds of ever-expanding Tone Partner collections that feature rare, vintage and modern amps and pedals expertly dialed in.

TONEX ONE also doubles as a handy USB-C audio interface for recording electric guitar or bass on a Mac/PC. For low-latency monitoring, users can record with any of the onboard Tone Models and effects, while using the stomp button in real time to switch between presets. The TRS / stereo output works with both headphones or active speakers for monitoring.

delivers not only jaw-dropping tones and essential effects, but also the right connectivity and controls for the best performance possible at each venue. Select between Dual A/B or Stomp operating modes for either channel-switching type operation or standard pedal on/off function when using stomp captures.

The 3 Micro Knobs feature 9 custom LED colors that can be assigned and saved to any preset for visual identification of the selected Tone Model, or for differentiating between multiple TONEX ONE pedals during live performance. TONEX ONE also makes streamlining for travel easy with its onboard smart tuner.

TONEX ONE is simple to use and connects to any type of guitar or bass rigincluding real amps, PA systems and FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) cabs. Its "no cab" option is a must when using real guitar cabinets or speaker emulators. Or activate the "cab" for consistent, pristine miked cabinet tones night after night. Even load custom IRs to use with other gear to experience rich, cranked amp tones at any volume level, perfect for in-ear monitors or where controlling stage volume is essential.
Hyper-realistic AI Machine Modeled amps, cabs and stomps

Compact design with easy access to all major controls on stage

Customizable LED colors make stacking multiple units or stereo rigs easy to operate

Studio-grade EQ, compressor, reverb, noise gate and smart tuner onboard

Store up to 20 presets with over 200 Premium Tone Models included

Explore and load any of 22,000+ FREE Tone Models from ToneNET

2 Performance Modes: Stomp (on/off) or Dual presets

TRS output: Stereo, dual mono or headphones

USB-C connection for loading Tone Models and computer recording

Includes TONEX SE all-in-one player, modeler and librarian, plus AmpliTube 5 SE software