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WA-14 Stereo Pair

Stereo pair, plus bar & case

Merk: Warm-audio

Code: WA14SP


€ 899,00

Barcode: 850031640184

Categorieën: Warm Audio, Microphones,

For achieving the most natural and consistent stereo imaging, the WA-14 also comes in the WA-14SP, a sequential stereo pair package. Tested to ensure each mic is within +/- 1dB of each other, this complete package ensures consistent performance for stereo recording applications. Use the included straight mounting bar to make recording quality stereo tracks with WA-14 SP virtually effortless. Aligning the two WA-14s in parallel with each other on the bar ensures the two capsules will be equidistant to the source, preventing phase issues. With the natural, defined midrange of the lauded “EB” style circuit in stereo, adding rich ambiance to your recordings has never been easier.