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Warm WA-1B

All-Tube, Transformer-Balanced Optical Compressor

Merk: Warm-audio

Code: WA1B


€ 1.499,00

Barcode: 850031640238

Categorieën: Warm Audio, Compressors,

The WA-1B accurately recreates world-class Scandinavian compression, combining smooth tube-optical warmth with precision controls. Like its original inspiration, favored by producers and engineers from Chris Lord-Alge to Rick Rubin, the WA-1B delivers that revered “forgiving” musical compression of tube-optical circuitry with speed and control more closely associated with modern dynamics processing. Hand-wired to authentically recreate the sound of a renowned circuit, the WA-1B combines custom large-core transformers from Lundahl Sweden, select tubes from JJ and Tung-Sol, and a premium high-precision optical element for ultra-fast and accurate operation without sacrificing authentic analog warmth.

●      Accurately recreating world-class Scandinavian compression combining smooth tube-optical warmth with precision controls 
●      True-to-spec 270 volt, 100% discrete analog signal path - handwired with through-hole components
●      Transformer-balanced fully floating input and output - Custom-core large transformers from Lundahl in Sweden
●      12AX7 Tung-Sol & JJ 12AU7 tubes
●      Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 25 kHz
●      Self-Noise: < -75 dBU @ 30 dB gain
●      CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz
●      Ratio from 2:1 to 10:1
●      Variable Threshold: Off to -40 dBU
●      Continuously variable attack and release times: fast-slow
●      Output gain: Off to +30 dBU
●      Input impedance: 600Ω
●      Two bus connectors to connect multiple sidechains
●      Meter (VU) input, output, or compression amount
●      Linear, low-noise power supply with toroidal power transformer